ABDL Problems
Good luck on the road to healthy living. I am very proud of you. Please continue to make decisions that help you take good care of yourself.

Thank you for being so kind. It has been a struggle, especially with my partner, who initially got me into the abdl community.

did you quit your blog!!!!!! :o

No. I’ve come to realize that this fetish was harming my psyche, exacerbating my mental illness, and I was using it as a form of self harm.

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AB/DL Problem #97

Not having the time to run a really simple abdl blog.

AB/DL Problem #96

Feeling a visceral need to cry because of exhaustion, stress, or frustration, but you’re in public or at a serious event and can’t.

AB/DL Problem #95

Only having to pee a little bit when you’re wearing a diaper and peeing buckets during normal underwear days.

AB/DL Problem #94:

Trying to tell the person you are dating that you wear diapers and are a babygirl, and hope that they’ll still love you just as much after you tell them. 

For 94 could you do something like, In women's studies everyone is talking about how they're oppressed for being a women, black, gay etc. And you just have to sit quietly knowing that as an abdl, you are oppressed and can't even share how your different.

I very strongly disagree with this. ABDLs are in no way systematically oppressed in our society and throughout history the way women, PoC, and the LGBT communities have been.  

Baby onesie: $8 for a 4-pack AB/DL onesie: $30 each *sigh* I really wish I could sew.

It’s always fun to start a new hobby. I hear sewing is easy to learn, and I’m sure making a onesie would be one of the easiest projects to start with anyway. :)

Hey, I was wondering, dows anyone else have a really hard time finding a good dating site with a good diversity of abdls that gets results?

Anyone know?